Memory Devouring the Future
I Lived A million Lives
Separation Anxiety
Exact Replica
Seek Refuge
The Existentialist
Criminal Fascination
Metatrophic Policy
Oscillations in Darkness
Transition 5
Canned Laughter
Temporary Hamburger
The Penitent Warrior
The Vanishing Woman
The Twitching Wanderer
Memory is a Fishing Lure
How Many Sundays
The Solipsist
Body Part Magnet
Nothing to Possess
Metaphysical Ruin
Ruin #5
The Catatonic Mystic
Don't Kill The Natives
Field Test
Lost and Found ; Ruin #3
The Wreck
Tobacco Head
Swamp Ruin
The Last Marionette
Xenophilic Totem
Last Cigarette
Temporary Voodoo